Sunday, 30 November 2008


I haven't drawn much since last weekend been tired and a li'l lazy, too. Here's an older drawing (June of 2008). My portrait attempt of an internet friend I've known for quite awhile now (goin' on three years soon). Here is the making of Ms. Bowerydweller from DeviantArt. The reference I used was quite small and blurred--I did the best I could with what I had.

I plan to do more portraits of random people when I get my motivation back.


xendee wong said...

you have a talent to draw. i like your drawings. Keep up the good work

Dan szilagyi said...

Thanks for stopping by! i hope you get your "groove" back soon because it'd be cool to see some drawings!

You mentioned you live in BC right? are you anywhere near the vancouver area? it'd be great to gather a few locals and go draw together!

keep at it and looking forward to updates soon


Monique said...

Very cool. You know I really enjoy seeing the WIP's.

I hope things are well. I feel like I'm stuck inside a tornado right now, but as long as it is a good busy, I'll take it.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Wonderful sketches. They are so lifelike. Thanks for adding me to your favorite blogs. I really appreciate that. I will be linking you with my blog. Thanks and God bless.

Marf said...

You've almost already did a full-body portrait of me here.

Just make the hair and the coat a little longer and the coat black. Oh, and remove the cigarette; I don't smoke.

Berni said...

Marf: I'll draw ya if ya like. Just send me a pic of you in your black coat.

Mel: Thank you--the art on your site is awesome!

Monique: Thanks much--I like showin' the works in progress and seein' others, too. I've been busy and lazy, and it'll get busier as xmas approaches.

Dan: I am close to the Vancouver area. That'd be cool to get together for a drawing group. I'm gonna sign up for some life drawing classes soon--looking forward to that. I'm really thrilled you actually like my stuff. THANKS!!! [*.*]

Xendee: Thank you! Love your name, by the way.

Marf said...

@ Berni: I won't turn that down... I've had a pic of me in my About section on my blog. You can click the image there or click here to see the full-sized image.

And go ahead and take some creative license. I'm not looking for an exact portrait (I have the image for that). Make me look like an evil vampire or something. Maybe a smirk like the green guy in your sidebar.