Saturday, 29 November 2008

Balloon - (IF)

Illustration Friday submission of balloon.

Boo & Boohoobara (my two impish characters) they're always up to somethin'.


INDIGENE said...

Excellent line work and shading! It is very creepy, too! :)

Heather T. said...

They are kind of creepy, but most joyously so! What fun imagination... and technique!

Maya said...

You have a really unique style!
It's interesting, nice placement, and great technique.
This piece is pretty cool.
I don't understand the little ballon above the floating guy tho.

Berni said...

To Maya: The little balloon above the floating guy (ghost) is actually a heart. He's in love with Boohoobara and wears his heart above his head for her to always see how much he loves her unconditionally.

Thanks to you, and everyone else that has shared their kind comments. I very much appreciate it. [^.^]

Juan said...

Very nice drawing!