Thursday, 6 November 2008

Boohoobara And Boo

My first lost soul drawing of Boohoobara, Boo, and heart flowers.

For anyone wonderin', I deleted my other blog, "A Spirit's Night" 'cause I really messed up the html stuff, and of course, I forgot to save the template. So, outta sheer anger I clicked the dreaded delete button and all was gone. No matter, I'm startin' over--and for the sake of my sanity I shall keep things simple (plain Jane) this time.


Marf said...

FYI for next time, you can just select one of the default themes if you've totally screwed up your custom one. There's no need to delete the content of your blog.

Naikou said...

Yes, but I was so angry at myself for not saving my custom template, that I just went ahead and deleted it. Irrational anger made me do it! [Ộ…ộ]

Marf said...

Irrational, indeed.