Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Magical Yellow Snow

They're not your ordinary snowmen.


Monique said...

Is it snowy time already there? Love the pic/sketch/doodle/piece? What do you prefer?

And how are things going? It seems like ages since I've talked w/ you. I need to make another BCD so we have a hidey-hole to converse w/ "our peeps" - LOL.

Naikou said...

Doodle--and no it's not snowy, yet. Although they are callin' for flurries tomorrow, but in higher elevations. Gotta put on my winter tires this weekend for when it does snow here.

Things are alright, been busy with real life and redoin' this blog. I so mucked up the html stuff and never bothered to save the template. I'm a dork! [ۦдۦ]

How's things with you? [^ﺏ^]