Thursday, 13 November 2008

Wise - (IF)

Here's my Illustration Friday submission. It's rather rushed (sloppily done) as today is the last day for this week's theme which is wise.
Anyway . . . what came to mind when I thought of the word wise, was the wise-man pose which is a (polarity) yoga position.

Place thumbs in ear canal, 1st fingers over eyes gently, 2nd fingers over bridge of nose, 3rd fingers over mouth and pinkies over chin.

The benefits are that it closes all the body’s senses allowing energies to go inward, balance and harmonizing. Eases anxiety and emotional tension.


Danyell said...

I think it looks pretty good. Maybe the proportions of the legs are on the short side. But otherwise I think it demonstrates the pose rather well & I like the sketchy style of it.

Monique said...

This is really good!!

Monique said...

I might need to try this... calm you say? Need that!!

Berni said...

Danyell, I thought somethin' was wrong with his lower half--just couldn't place it. Thanks!

Hey, Monique, did ya try it? Kundalini yoga is another awesome way to calm your mind and heal your body. -

I'm not a yoga fanatic but I try some of the postures to stretch my back and hips--have chronic lower back pain from a car accident a few years back. It helps. [^ﺏ^]

Monique said...

Cool, Thanks for the link.