Saturday, 27 December 2008

Felix sit annus novus!

And that's Latin for . . .

Startin' January 26, it'll be the year of the ox. Thought I'd let ya know, for those who didn't know. [°-^]

I'm too lazy to colour this, so I just filtered it with painter. I've been so distracted lately, keep startin' sketches before I finish any. I'm naughty! [ۦдۦ]

I'll get to what I need to finish, honest. [¯-¯]


Dan szilagyi said...

Thank you for the comments! i hope you have a good time :)

Don't take anything i mentioned on the list too seriously since it's just my opinion.

But yeah i agree with hellboy 2, Liz barely did anything in the movie! and abe and hellboy in some parts just acted weird.

Good work on the posts! keep at it :)


Monique said...

Happy New Year friend....

Bleuh Meuh Design said...

Awesome Ox for 2009, Happy New Year! =D