Sunday, 18 January 2009


I've been overtaken by water themes as of late. Ya needn't feel left out, Marf, I haven't forgotten your drawing. Actually, I have started it just got sidetracked, which is my usual behaviour, nothin' new.

This painting is solely digital, and with my mouse, too. I went to check prices for a tablet and a Wacom Bamboo is affordable. Yippee!!! I will be savin' for one.

Anyway, back to my submerged imagination.


Marf said...

Never rush an artist. Take your time. Don't fell like I'm pressuring you to work on it.

I don't know much about seahorses, is the purple one a different species or just a different gender?

Monique said...

Sooooo pretty. I like the diversion from the norm.

Vedy niiice.

What did I miss? You're drawing Marf?

Dan szilagyi said...

coolio work here! bamboo eh? i'd still go with the other one even though they cost so much! i'm saving myself :)


twenty pound tabby said...

Wow, you did that with a mouse? You are sooo gonna like having a tablet. Even a cheap graphire tablet is better than a mouse.

Youniquely Chic said...

I really love this picture!! Beautiful! So serene and the colors are very calming.

Athena said...

That's a great drawing for a mouse. I love my Wacom tablet- have lots of fun when you get yours! :)

Berni said...

Marf -- I dunno much about seahorses, either. I googled for references and found a purple li'l guy. I did find out that it's the male seahorse that births the offspring. Weird, huh!?!

Monique -- Yup, gonna draw Marf. I've already started it just been too busy to finish it.

Dan -- Is there a big difference between tablets? I know nothin' 'bout 'em.

Twenty . . . -- I can't wait to get one. Been gettin' anxious to buy it, like, now.

Youniquely Chic -- Thanks so much!

Athena -- Thank you!

Marf said...

@ Monique: Yeah, she's drawing me. I told her to be creative and make me look like a demon or something, I don't need an exact portrait; that's what cameras are for.

@ Berni: Yeah, I remember something about male seahorses giving birth...