Sunday, 21 December 2008


Just messin' around with my pencil. I did this yesterday when I was suppose to be doin' the soldier below. It's goth boy & girl--was gonna ink 'em into lost souls but decided against it--would take too long, felt like somethin' quick, ya know.


Marf said...

Wow, for "somethin' quick" that's really good.

Berni said...

Ya think so--cool! It was a reference-less venture.

bowerydweller said...

I think that's excellent. I saw the piece on SA, but I'm too busy duking it out with some slanderous nitwit on SA who's spreading rumors that I'm a hacker, that I'm claiming to be the creator of World of Warcraft, and that allegedly, I've masterminded a dA-wide crusade to ban anime artists.

OH. and the coup de grace: I'm a welfare mother and the kids that I beat should be taken away from me.

Anyway, enough of the drama /slaps self.

I was going to comment on SA, but I was becoming embarrassed by that point. I'm shutting my page down, and plan on admiring your work from here.

On an aside (and I apologize for the wall of text, I started a writing/War of the Realms blog) I hope that makes up for the kiddie drama.

Berni said...

Those are some crazy proclamations! There be a wild imagination in all this. [^.^]

You're gonna leave sA? I'm not there all that much; post some art than run off. I find Blogger so much more appealing with like-minded individuals (age-wise, too).

I am so looking forward to your writer/art blog. [^ﺏ^] I'm already following you from there. When you're ready to write go for it. Don't feel rushed, no pressure, 'kay. Take your time, enjoy!