Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Voices - (IF)

I wasn't gonna do a drawing for Illustration Friday, but the creative voices in my head made me do this. [°¸°]

About the drawing: Mala (my lost soul imp) has asked Meep (one of my snow creations) to make her into a snowman as this is her first experience with snow. Unfortunately for Cuddles, Mala used his hat for decoration, and he wants it back, now!

The inspiration for this drawing . . . the lovely (not) snow dumping that's occurred all day. I couldn't get my car beyond the driveway, therefore no work today. [°ֻ°]


Marf said...

We have a little snow here, couple of inches is all.

Quite good, but I like Mala. Her first experience with snow? I thought she'd been in the snow before...

Merry Christmas.

Dan szilagyi said...

Good stuff! you've been busy i see with a few posts.

thanks for the comment

I hope you have a good holiday!


Sara said...

What a Christmas spirit! :D

Berni said...

Marf: You're probably thinkin' of Nola. Happy Christmas to you, too!

Dan: Thanks, and I hope your holidays are great!

Sara: Thank you & Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Love the story on this. Cartoon more!!!