Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Ghosties & Tea

I love masala chai tea! [^з^] Drank so much of it that I can't fall asleep--so I did this collage of random doodles that were takin' space in my 'puter. [˘ε˘]

Oh, the things we do when we can't sleep. [°ֻ°]


Monique said...

We've seen the Berni and Josh "Lost Soul"... I kinda keep expecting to see John lost Soul. Like you need one more thing on your list huh? L

Berni said...

I should do one of him. [^.^]

Ah, yes, the list of things forgotten, pushed aside, or blatantly ignored. I'll get to 'em, sure I will. One of these days. *lol*